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Get Past Your Past-For Good-Trauma Talk

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Why Wont my Past Stay in the Past?

As an adult we can be surprised, confused, and frustrated when a trauma from the past starts reappearing in the present. A lot of times we’ve moved on from our past issues and feel more stable and settled in our life. So, when this happens we want to minimize the meaning of the “blast from the past” and do all we can to ignore it and turn a blind eye to the negative impact its is having on us now.

We tell ourselves:

  • I “shouldn't” be feeling this way it happened so long ago.

  • “It wasn’t a big deal, people go through way worse, I just need to suck it up”.

  • “I don’t have time for this, I have too much on my plate ”.

  • "If I ignore it maybe it will just go away"

And when it comes to our friends sometimes we are “too embarrassed” to tell them or we feel like the "talk time" related to the issue has "expired" so to speak. And honestly, even when we do try and talk about it they sometimes (despite their best efforts) don’t know how to react, minimize it, spew some kind of toxic positivity, or give advice that doesn’t align with your values- making things worse.



These reactions will postpone you from getting professional support and allow the issue to keep persisting. Prioritizing your mental health is actually the most efficient and effective way of putting the issue(s) in the past where it belongs. Accepting its existence and dealing with whatever has popped up now will lessen or end its negative impact in your life allowing you to get back to being you in the life you’ve created for yourself.


We offer Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) which is an effective, evidence-based psychotherapy that targets the issue(s) directly and steadily decreases its negative impact with the goal of eliminating the negative impact completely.

Get started with one of our EMDR Therapists now! We have immediate availability and are taking new clients!

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