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EMDR Consultation

From newbies to seasoned professionals I would love to work with you! I do GROUP and INDIVIDUAL consultation, check for the service you are seeking below.



Fresh From Basic Training?


Need your 10 individual hours to complete Basic Training? I'm here for you.


After basic training your head may be spinning. You connect to some stuff but others aren't sticking. Don't worry, that's normal. I really enjoy working with new practitioners. I can break concepts down for you and reinforce any areas that are unclear. Then next thing you know, things start to make more sense-I love those moments. I'm super non-judgemental, patient and supportive and look forward to working with you.

Want to Get Certified?

Do you have a goal to become certified in EMDR? I want to help you get there!

Click below to see EMDRIA EMDR Certification Requirements:

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Consultation Professionals

So, you have completed basic training  maybe youve been practicing a while and are now seeking to become certified. Part of this process post-basic training is to obtain 20 more hours total (10 individual and 10 group) of consultation.  I offer both group and individual consultation.


Becoming certified in EMDR helps anchor your understanding of the standard protocol, helps with self-confidence in practice and gives you credibility in the field. I received many more referrals and contacts from potential clients once I became certified.​

During consultation for certification EMDRIA wants the focus to primarily be on mastering the standard EMDR protocol (8 Phase 3-prong) and to stick to the fidelity of the model.

Advanced protocols are not the focus of certification hours.


I have a passion for EMDR and enjoy helping practitioners gain confidence and master the protocol. I am down to earth and very dedicated to my consultees. I will structure the consultation to ensure we are following the standards set by EMDRIA so you can be assured you are one step closer to being certified after every session-your success is my success. 

It will be important to note that I require a minimum of 5 individual hours for a letter of recommendation for certification.

I require a the completion of 10 group hours for a letter of recommendation for certification.


Specialized Consultation for EMDR With Children & Youth


New to working with kids? Stuck on a case? Just need some fresh ideas? I want to help you, lets put our heads together and work through this!


Elevate your career profile with this unique specialization that will be sought out by clients. Be ready to start your waitlist, you will get busy quick.


I offer individual and group consultation for certification with the focus being facilitating EMDR with Children & Youth. EMDRIA approves this  "special population" focus for certification hours because in general the fidelity of the standard protocol can be followed-despite the developmental modifications and child and youth-friendly adaptations.


My 25 year+ career in social services has primarily been focused on working with children and youth in the inner city of Vancouver.  I was a Youth Worker for many years and have an undergrad degree in Child & Youth Development. My masters degree in Counselling Psychology was tailored around working with children and youth including my internship. So, its no surprise that I wanted to continue working with kids using EMDR post basic training. My current clinical practice offers EMDR for all ages but my primary caseload is with children and youth.  I've had advanced EMDR training with many of the leading professionals in the field,  I've read many EMDR books and clinical research related to children and youth and pull wisdom from all these areas, as well  as my many years of experience. More recently, I have also developed a collection of child & youth EMDR  phase-based worksheets that can be used in session with this population. I am always happy to share these resources with my consultees. You can read more about me in the Kindred Team tab.

I love working with therapists who are new to working with children and youth.  I am a practical hands-on practitioner and can offer guidance, validation and support as you learn the craft and gain experience. I enjoy watching EMDR therapists gain confidence and learn to trust their intuition as they start developing their own style while at the same time becoming more grounded in the application of the protocol. Your success is my success and I will do everything I can to support you.

Consultation Offerings


Book Individual Consultation
  • Scheduled on an as-needed basis online via ZOOM

  • The application of EMDR Standard Protocol and/or support with cases including children and youth 

  • Consultation hours may/may not be accrued for EMDR Certification

Tara's rate for individual consultation is 170/hr plus GST

EMDR Certification Consultation Group

  • Maximum of 4 participants

  • Online group via ZOOM

  • Consultant-led structured group

  • EMDR Standard Protocol focus

  • Formal case presentations required for all members

  • Time made for phase-based questions and information sharing

  • Consultation hours can be used towards EMDR Certification


495.00 +gst for 5 2-hour sessions (10 hours of consultation)
Contact Tara for new dates



EMDR Certification Consultation Group with Children & Youth Focus

  • Maximum of 4 participants

  • Online group via ZOOM

  • Consultant-led structured group

  • EMDR Standard Protocol focus along with modifications for children and youth

  • Formal case presentation with a child and youth focused required

  • Time made for discussions related to modifications and information sharing

  • Consultation hours can be used towards EMDR Certification

  • All participants will receive a digital resource: "In-Session: A Creative Collection of  Tools & Resources for EMDR Therapists Working with Children & Youth" (a 140 value/ 75+ resources)


545.00 +gst for 5 2-hour sessions (10 hours of consultation)
Contact Tara for new dates
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