Kindred Counselling Rates + Policies

















Kindred Counselling Rates:  

Counsellor rates are a fair reflection of counsellor's level of training and experience.


Tara Marshall $150.00 plus gst

BCACC Recommended Fee Schedule for RCC's

Payment Methods: Tara accepts cash, e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (The Square).

Subsidy: Tara can offer a partial subsidy to a limited number of clients in financial need who do not have access to any third party coverage. Tara has the right to use her own discretion in who qualifies for a subsidy. Please feel comfortable to ask about this.


Other Coverage Options:

  • Employee and Family Assistance Programs

  • Extended Health Insurance (check with your provider to see if they cover RCC's)

  • Workers' Compensation (Talk to your case manager)

  • ICBC (talk to your adjuster) Tara is a provider

  • First Nations Health Authority (for First Nations clients with Indian status) Tara is a provider

  • Crime Victims Assistance Program/Tara is a provider( If you have been a victim of a crime)

  • UBC Full-Time Student Health Insurance

  • Syrian Refugee Medavie Benefits (Only covers Social Workers and Psychologists)

  • Veteran Affairs Canada (Only covers Social Workers and Psychologists)

Crime Victim Assistance Program: If you, or a member of your family (child/youth/partner) has been a victim or witness of a crime you may be eligible for subsidized counselling through this program. You can apply to the BC Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) for financial assistance for counselling services if you are an approved claimant. Therapists at Kindred Counselling  are approved Crime Victim Assistance Counsellor. Clients are responsible to cover the remainder of the session fee. 

Clients with the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP), ICBC, Autism Funding, and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) do not have to pay upfront, we will submit the receipt for payment through their agency.


CVAP offers clients a partial subsidy and clients must pay the remainder of the therapist's rate for the session


Free Initial Consultation Session: I am happy to provide a free initial consultation express session up to 15 minutes by phone or email.  During this time you can ask any pressing questions you may have about the clinical counselling process. I will then discuss the services I offer and this will help to determine if you and I are a good fit to address your (or your child’s) therapeutic concerns or goals. Then we will discuss if we will move forward to a paid Intake Session (60-75mins) where issues will be discussed in more detail and Informed Consent Forms will be reviewed and signed and the Intake form will be complete and reviewed.


Parents/Guardians: are welcome to communicate with Tara via brief email or over the phone between appointments regarding their children and will not be billed for brief communication of 15 minutes or less. However, any contact/communication needed over this time frame will need to be scheduled and there will be a pro-rated fee of an individual hourly session rate.


Receipt:  Tara will issue you a detailed receipt with her RCC & GST# upon completion of your session. This is the receipt you will mail in for reimbursement if you are using extended health insurance benefits.


Cancellation Policy:  Please give 24 hours notice by phone or email if you need to cancel your appointment, otherwise you will be billed for the full session rate you booked for. The exception to this policy is in the case of emergency. After three missed sessions, even in the case of emergencies, we will have to discuss whether or not to move forward with counselling. Furthermore, it is important to note that insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for cancelled sessions; thus, you will be responsible to cover the fee for the missed session. In addition, you are responsible for coming to your session on time; if you are late, your appointment will still need to end at the scheduled time.

Insurance Re-imbursement/Third Party Coverage:  At present BC Medical does not cover private counselling fees.  Registered Clinical Counsellors may be eligible for reimbursement through third party coverage from employment benefits for example. Contact your medical insurance provider for details on potential coverage.

Not Covered?:  If you find that RCC visits are not covered under your plan, if you have one, you could contact your employer's Human Resources Department, or your insurance company directly to request a small change to your plan’s coverage to include RCC's. Making the amendment does not cost your employer anything. Often, plans will cover visits to a Psychologist or Social Worker (SW) but not a RCC who is a less expensive professional with the same educational level as a masters level SW. Open document below to use as a template for your own letter when making this request.

               Kindred Counselling Human Resources Benefit Amendment Letter