I believe that choosing to engage in counselling is an act of self-care and movement toward health and wellness. I have a lot of respect for my clients because I know it takes courage to commit to the counselling process and to do the work required to meet your goals.


I know starting this process can be intimidating and you may worry about being judged about what your going through or what you've been through, but I have a non-judgemental approach and strive to provide a safe and comfortable space for you. As I mentioned previously, I have my own experience in counselling so I am extra empathetic to what my clients are going through.


Kindred Counselling specializes in serving individual adults using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to overcome issues related to trauma. Trauma can be simply defined as an unexpected and disturbing event that occurs in which you are not equipped to cope with at the time. It could be an experience from a long time ago, on-going experiences, or something that just recently happened. Sometimes we aren't sure if we are traumatized and down-play our experiences. But, basically if you are currently disturbed or bothered by something that has happened to you and it is currently impacting your life in a negative way, whether you think it's no big deal or a big deal-you are experiencing the impacts of trauma- and EMDR can help you.


I know from experience because I have done EMDR multiple time as a client to overcome disturbances related to childhood abuse. I also did EMDR for a relatively smaller issues one for example was related to the shame I carried for getting poor grades in elementary school. So, big or small we can address the issues together and I will keep a grounded space for you. I do not scare easily and you are in good hands with me.


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