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Parent/Caregiver Services

Parent/Caregiver-Counsellor Support Sessions 
(for current clients only)
Sessions may address:
  • Giving psycho-education (information about the psychological issue your child is dealing with)

  • Consulting about ways you can connect with your child to enhance your parent-child relationship. We believe that having a healthy relationship with your child will go miles to help them adjust to current and future challenges.

  • Assigning homework-typically activities to support your child, track behaviour, or for parenting development

  • Parent coaching, sharing tips, giving referrals, progress summaries and resource suggestions

  • Targeted EMDR services for “parenting triggers”. Often times your child will trigger you and you might find yourself overreacting, or acting in a way you aren’t proud of. Doing this starts a negative back and forth between you and your child. That’s when EMDR for parenting triggers can be helpful. As you desensitize these triggers you will begin to react differently toward your child and start re-patterning the interaction you have when they are dysregulated. You will begin to role model self-regulation and play the co-regulator role competently. 

  • Bring up the parenting issues you'd like support with

Finding Calm
Parent Education Group

Do you want to know more about how to support your child’s mental health? Our student counselling intern, Kayla Pepe will be running an educational group for parents starting on June 4th 2024 to discuss just that. These sessions are for parents that are wanting to step away from google and get a counsellor’s perspective on mental wellbeing.


Topics will include…

  • The mental health pyramid - it’s more than a continuum. We will talk about the four stages: No distress, mental distress, mental health problem and mental disorder or illness.

  • Let’s talk about triggers! We will discuss strategies and options for helping our children face their fears and when it might be best to avoid them.

  • Finding calm at home – It’s not easy maintaining a relaxing home environment but there are tricks to helping you create a space that will reduce stress.

  • Stressing less at school and in the community – Advocating for our children is an important part of supporting their mental wellbeing. Let’s talk about how to increase their resiliency and advocate for them when it’s right.

  • Moving Forward – Kayla will answer any remaining questions and talk about next steps for your family.

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Online booking coming soon
Parent Services
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