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Youth Therapy Process

We Love Teenagers!


Our therapists really enjoy working with teens and relate well to this age group. When working with adolescents, we follow their lead by using various therapeutic modalities that support their interests and strengths. 

Figuring out "who they are" is the developmental task of the teenager. When bad things happen it impacts the way they see themselves and what it means about them.

We will develop therapy goals that are meaningful to the them so they will be more motivated to work toward meeting those goals. Teens will also be involved in their own intake session where they can explain their history from their point-of-view and do their own assessments that are relevant to their issues. We have the option of incorporating play therapy, traditional talk therapy, psycho-education, expressive therapy and EMDR depending on their individual wants and needs-flexibility is important with this age group. We always emphasize creating a safe, non-judgmental and caring environment where youth can feel comfortable being themselves and feel safe within our relationship.


We emphasize the importance of confidentiality with this age group. We ask parents/guardians to respect their teen's privacy in counselling unless there is a matter that is mandatory by law for us to report. We will review this during the Informed Consent Process. Your teen will likely respect you for respecting their privacy and share with you what they are comfortable with. At times we may encourage a teen to share with you, but it is still up to them to disclose and their decision whether or not to involve parents/caregivers in the process.

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