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EMDR-Meditation Group

for Kindred Counselling Clients Only


This is an EXCITING one-of-a-kind EMDR-Meditation Therapy Group for Kindred Counselling clients only who are actively managing "ongoing traumatic distress". A specialized group protocol for EMDR treatment will be paired with a mediation process. The group will be held in a nice studio space located in the same building your individual sessions are. This group is so exciting because no other EMDR therapists are facilitating EMDR groups in greater Vancouver.

Value of the Group

  • Decrease ongoing traumatic distress

  • Increase day-to-day functioning

  • Learn and practice effective coping skills

  • May be covered by insurance as facilitators are RCC/RSW

  • Affordable psychotherapy

  • Great supplemental treatment to boost your individual therapeutic progress

  • Research shows clinically significant positive results from other groups using the EMDR Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Distress

  • Belong to a community of people who are on a similar journey

  • Gain a sense of empowerment

  • Small group size

  • Guided by expert psychotherapists in a safe environment

  • Learn to regulate your nervous system when you think about stressful events

  • Chip away at negative thoughts and emotions connected to ongoing stressors

  • Build self-confidence


About the Group

One of the great parts about this group is that most participants will have had either Tara or Sarah as their individual therapist already. This will help with that sense of trust and safety needed to be more willing to try something new and feel ok transitioning into group work.

The reason we decided to keep the group closed to Kindred Counselling clients is because you've all been through the EMDR process. It is a unique therapy with its own structure, style and language. So we believe that you will transition a lot easier to the group format because the language and activities will be familiar.


Another thing that makes this group different is that this is not a typical talking support or process group. In this group people will be working on their own individual silent/internal process among a group of people while Sarah and Tara give directions and guide you through the process. It will have the "flowy" feel of a meditation/yoga class environment with a therapy component.


There is a term in EMDR called "blind to therapist" meaning you can do EMDR processing without the therapist-or other group members knowing your "target". And because you are used to the EMDR protocol you can follow along silently as Tara verbally cues the group to process their target while we integrate meditative practice into the process at the same time.

When we refer to traumatic ongoing distress we are talking about a very wide range of issues. But the issue itself doesn't matter so much for the group, its more the commonality of being in ongoing distress that is the focus.


Am I in Ongoing Traumatic Distress?

Remember, your reaction to traumatic experiences is based on your subjective assessment of the situation and the "meaning" you assign to it. Also factoring into this is your perception of your ability to cope. This will determine the intensity of your reaction and how it negatively impacts different areas of your life.


Even if you've never though of yourself as being in a traumatic environment, or that you are being affected by negative experiences that happen everyday, I don't think it would be a stretch to  imply that facing difficult experiences on an ongoing basis would take some kind of negative toll on you. Have you just gotten used to it? Has it just always been this way?


So the questions become, "is the stress manageable?" "Is it interfering in meeting my personal goals?" "Is the ongoing distress interfering with my therapeutic progess in individual therapy?"


You invest a lot of money into therapy but if your coming in to session in fight/flight/freeze/collapse mode it may impede your ability to reflect and focus on the deeper issues you sought EMDR for in the first place. 

Ongoing Traumatic Distress Examples

Are you experiencing something difficult that persists daily without a rest period? Examples of experiences leading to ongoing traumatic distress (This is not an exhaustive list):

  • Experiencing workplace bullying, or a toxic work environment

  • Experiencing racism

  • Experiencing sexism

  • Experiencing/witnessing domestic violence

  • Living in constant physical pain

  • Exposed to any form of abuse or neglect on a regular basis

  • Experiencing homo-phobia

  • Experiencing any kind of ongoing personal discrimination

  • Living with the persistent symptoms of a clinical mental disorder

  • Living with a serious medical diagnosis

  • Being in a caregiving role that is very difficult

  • Experiencing a high conflict divorce

  • Pressures of daily living that add up

  • Living in a conflictual, or dysfunctional environment

  • Coping with consistent loss or complicated grief

  • In a line of work where witnessing/experiencing traumatic or disturbing things are a constant, or likely to occur

  • Experiencing PTSD flashbacks

  • Recent exposure to a natural or manmade disaster




Interested and want to know more? Get all your questions answered at the Info Night on Zoom.
 Register now!
Kindred Counselling Clients Only
Register me for the Info Night on Monday March 27, 2023 from 6:00pm-715pm
I already know that I want to register for the group. Please reserve my spot.
Tara and Sarah were considering also doing the group in an online format. Would you be interested in this group if it was offered online?

Thanks for submitting, talk soon!

EMDR-Meditation Group Schedule:
Info Night Online: Monday, March 27 6-7:15pm
Pre-Group Prep Session Online Monday, April  3, 6-7:15pm
(The Preparation group is mandatory for participation in Sessions 1-5)

Session 1: Monday, April 24-615-715pm
Session 2: Monday, May 1-615-715pm

Session 3: Monday, May 8-615-715pm
Session 4: Monday, May 22-615-715pm
Session 5: Monday, May  29-615-715pm

Register for the

    Registration Details​

  • Once registered for the group a pdf  of specific group agenda info & a short assessment form and consent form will be emailed to you for completion.

  • Register for the "5 session in-person bundle" $525 plus gst (save $75 making it $105 per session)

    • Buying the bundle secures your spot​

  • Register for weekly drop-in for $120 plus gst​ 

    • register early to secure your spot

  • Any current/past client of Kindred Counselling who has done EMDR will be allowed int he group.

  • The weekly group will consist of 6-10 participants. We will need a minimum of 6 participants per week to run the group

  • You must attend the Pre-group prep session online to attend sessions 1-5. This session will prepare you for the group format process. We recommend you attend the Info night as well. The info night and pre-group session are free.

  • This group may be covered by your private insurance. Receipts will be issued weekly whether you buy individually, or the bundle. Advise us to whether you need an RSW or an RCC for the invoice.

  • Note: clients covered under FNHA will not be charged a fee to participate in the group. When you register make sure to book with the FNHA option as it will show the $0.00 charge.

Group Facilitators: Tara & Sarah

Tara and Sarah bring a wealth of shared clinical experience.

Tara is an RCC & Approved EMDR Consultant. Tara has specialized training to facilitate EMDR Group Protocol. Tara is very passionate about helping people overcome trauma so they can become the person they are meant to be. She is very excited about facilitating this truly unique powerful group.


Sarah is a RSW, EMDR Therapist and a Certified Meditation Teacher. Sarah believes in the healing power of EMDR and meditation. She believes in the strength and resiliency of her clients and is honoured to be a part of their healing process.


They have paired together and  created very powerful and one of a kind group specifically for Kindred Counselling clients who are in EMDR therapy. This group will increase therapeutic progress by decreasing the negative impacts of ongoing distress and help you integrate EMDR resourcing into your daily life. 

Group Rationale

A lot of times day-to-day stressors can be overwhelming and keep you from being able to do the deeper therapeutic work you are coming to individual therapy to do! The sense of being in "fight, flight, freeze-collapse" state will delay or prevent you from being able to reflect on and process past traumas in individual EMDR therapy.

Research: the theory behind EMDR for ongoing traumatic distress acknowledges the "ongoing/persistent" nature of stressors does not allow a person to have a "resting" period in which one can reflect, process and resolve the issues associated to it.

COVID Policy & Group Attendance
If a participant gets COVID, or is sick  please opt to stay home. Do your very best to give us 48 hours notice so we can issue you a refund. If the same thing happens to one or both of the facilitators the group will be cancelled for that week and a refund for that weekly session will be given to participants.
This group does not require participants to show proof of COVID vaccination. 

Refund Policy​

  • Full refund from group "5 session in-class bundle" purchase if cancelled 48 hours before the first of 5 classes
  • Full refund of class fee if there are not enough participants to run the group (6 participant minimum)
  • Full refund for individually purchased "drop-in" session if cancelled 48 hours before the session
  • Half refund if "5-session in-class bundle" is cancelled after the first class of five 

  • No refund or pro-rating following the second session of "5 session in-person bundle"

  • No refunds, or pro-rating for missed individually purchased drop-in group sessions for any reason passed the 48hour cancellation cut off


For Kindred Counselling EMDR Clients Only

REGISTER for the group contact: /

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