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EMDR Consultation

Becoming certified in EMDR anchors your understanding of the standard protocol, helps with self-confidence in practice and gives you credibility in the field. I received many more referrals and contacts from potential clients once I became certified.​


I offer individual consultation for those seeking certification. Most of my advanced EMDR training has been in relation to children and youth and I practice EMDR everyday with this population. I also work with adults with complex childhood trauma, as well as single-incident trauma.


Tara Marshall
Approved EMDR Consultant

Meet Your Goals

So, you have completed basic training and are now seeking to become certified. Part of this process post-basic training hours is to obtain 20 more hours total (10 individual and 10 group) of consultation. 


It’s normal to want to explore advanced EMDR issues with someone who is experienced in an area you are interested in, however during consultation for certification EMDRIA wants the focus to primarily be on mastering the standard EMDR protocol (8 Phase 3-prong) and to stick to the fidelity of the model.


I will successfully guide you through this, your success is my success.  Once you are certified you can book consultation on advanced issues and start tailoring your skills to a defined area to attract a certain clientele.


I have a passion for EMDR and enjoy helping practitioners gain confidence in themselves. I am down to earth and very dedicated to my consultees. I will structure the consultation to ensure we are following the standards set by EMDRIA so you can be assured you are one step closer to being certified after every session.

Tara's rate is $160/hr plus GST


I look forward to hearing from you!

T: 604-637-2074


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Kindred Counselling is located at:

Boundary View Plaza

The Enterprise Centre, Suite 201 3701 E Hastings St, Burnaby, BC

T: 604-637-2074


Kindred Counselling acknowledges and thanks the Coast Salish Nations of Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish on whose traditional territories we work, learn and live.
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