Play Therapy        EMDR

 Tara is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist

      Tara is a Certified EMDR Therapist &  Approved EMDR Consultant

A unique combination of specializations maximizing therapeutic outcomes

Tara has a unique set of skills to meet the needs of a wide variety of clientele. General clinical counselling experience, certification in EMDR and Synergetic Play Therapy makes Tara the right choice for children, youth, parents and individual adults. Book an intake session today!
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I offer a free initial phone consultation for up to 15 minutes to connect with you and answer pressing questions you may have about potentially joining into a counselling relationship. Or, you can begin by connecting with me online if you prefer.




For more information, questions, or to book an appointment call, email, or use the form below.


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Boundary View Plaza

The Enterprise Centre, Suite 201

3701 E Hastings St, Burnaby, B.C.

Canada, V5C 2H6

Kindred Counselling is located at The Boundary View Plaza in Suite 201 (The sign above the entrance says, Enterprise Centre and is visible from Hastings St. as well as the Kindred Counselling sign which is a few feet away on the left) 3701- E Hastings St. in North Burnaby.
There is ample free 2 hour parking around the perimeter of the building. Do not try and park in the underground parking it is reserved for Boundary View Plaza staff only.
If you are coming off Highway 1, take the Hastings St. exit and turn east onto Hastings St.
If you are coming to Kindred Counselling by bus, the bustop lets out right in front of the office.130 Phibbs Exchange, 135 Burrard Station and N35 Downtown.
The area around the building is well lit and there are many other businesses around.
My office is wheelchair accessible through the underground parking lot however I would have to explain the logistics to enter the building.
Also, the building is on a hill and has multiple steps in order to get to my office. So please take your time if you have any physical limitations, or if it's slippery.