Approved EMDR Consultant


Becoming certified in EMDR really elevates your understanding of the standard protocol, confidence in practice and credibility in the field. Once you have Basic Training, to become certified you must obtain an additional 20 hours total (10 individual and 10 group) of consultation. 

Most of my advanced EMDR training has been in relation to children and youth. I am also a Synergetic Play Therapist and I often combine both modalities in my practice. However, during consultation the focus will primarily be on mastering the Standard EMDR Protocol (8 Phase 3-prong) and sticking to the fidelity of the model.


I love EMDR and I enjoy helping practitioners gain confidence in themselves. I'm down to earth and very dedicated to my consultees. I will do everything in my power to help you learn and gain the skills you are looking for.

My rate is $150 plus GST per hour I look forward to hearing from you!

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