Group Counselling for Children

I Got This! Counselling support group for children in transition of a separation or divorce.



Is your child showing signs or experiencing symptoms of grief, anxiety or depression during the period of transition of your separation or divorce?  It is common for children to experience behavior changes and to have difficulty processing their thoughts and feelings during this time. It becomes problematic when it interferes with their ability to function normally in their daily life (Eg: relationships, school, family, recreation, personality etc).


Get some support: Parents do the best they can to help their children but sometimes need help.  Give your child the support they need and sign them up for our 7-week support group. You can feel better knowing you don't have to do it all. You can feel safe and supported yourself knowing the facilitators Tara and Cathy are experienced and caring counsellors who have your family's best interests in mind. 

Your child will be given the tools to:

  • better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • support their peers in the group process

  • become more mindful during times of distress

  • cope better in all areas of their life

  • accept the present and themselves

  • become more confident

  • identify their strengths

  • grieve their losses

  • improve social skills

  • process negative experiences related to the separation/divorce

  • increase resilience



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Screening: Initial phone screening will determine initial determinants needed for child’s participation.  Informed Consent will be discussed.  Both legal Guardians must sign Informed Consent Forms unless otherwise stated by court order. If determined that we can move forward, parents/Guardians will be emailed several intake documents to be completed and then brought to the intake session.


Intake: Counsellors and parents/Guardians will schedule a 30-minute intake session in which relevant child/family history will be discussed and consent forms will be signed and handed in.


Parents/Guardians will make participation decision within 24 hours of intake session and pay in full for the group at this time. The total cost for the 7 session group is $450.00 (including intake session any taxes and materials). There are no refunds once the payment has been made for any reason or for any missed sessions.


When: TBA Please contact if interested


Who: 8 group participants ages 8-10 years old, during any stage of separation or divorce. Siblings cannot attend together.


Where: The Enterprise Centre, Suite 201, 3701 E Hastings St., Burnaby, BC, V5C 2H6

There is free parking around the building.  Counsellors will open front door as participants arrive because the door are locked after 5:00pm.







Cathy Tremblay, RCC, Art Therapist         Tara Marshall, RCC

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