Adult Play Therapy

Yes, Play Therapy is a thing! It may be hard to imagine how "playing" as an adult could be an effective treatment modality but it really is. Play and expressive arts bypasses the logic/language part of our brains and dives straight into our subconscious mind. It is a quick way to access a part of our minds that includes symbols, images, emotion, body sensations, pre-verbal developmental states (implicit memory) past trauma. Tara will facilitate mindful reflections (Eg: body-based, affective, cognitive and relational) as you process in the session helping you create new neuropathways in your brain in relation to past negative experiences.


Whatever is bringing you to consider therapy, it can be addressed in Play Therapy and help heal wounds from the past or treat current problems holding you back in your life. Many of my adult Play Therapy clients are amazed by what they learn about themselves in session.


Tara typically uses sand trays in this modality but other expressive arts can be used as well. A treatment plan can be created in intake and this would be our starting point for therapy. Tara can be directive or non-directive during sand tray processing. either way clients benefit therapeutically from the process. 


Some adults may be hesitant to try Play Therapy as they may feel silly, or think they are not creative, but most clients end up forgetting all about their initial hesitancy and develop a comfort in the process especially when they experience the level of awareness that typically occurs using Play Therapy. It is very freeing to jump into a right brain experience and "get out of your head". 

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