About Tara

"Above any counselling technique, the client-counsellor relationship and the client's personal resources and supports outside the room, is of the upmost therapeutic importance" Tara

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Tara is a published author in the journal
Relational Child & Youth Care Practice 2016

Lastly, I pride myself on being an ethical and professional practitioner and I am a member in good standing in the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, EMDRIA and the BC Play Therapy Association.  I am also registered with Crime Victim Assistance Program which funds counselling for victims of crime and with the First Nations Health Authority . Clinical Counsellors are often covered by many other third party coverages please see the Rates + Policies tab to see if you have access to any coverage.

I have been in the social services field for over 20 years working with children, youth and families in the Vancouver community. I hold a BA in Child & Youth Care from the University of Victoria (2010). I hold a MA in Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University (2015) and I am Registered Clinical Counsellor.


Post graduation I have trained to become a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and a Certified EMDR Therapist. (Please see the section on EMDR and Synergetic Play Therapy for details) The combination of my degrees, post-graduate certification and my 20 years plus experience, has afforded me a unique specialization of skills to intervene effectively with children, youth and adults.


I am passionate about my work and have an unwavering dedication to my clients. As a client-centred practitioner, my goal in every session is to create a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment which allows my clients, from children to adults - to be themselves.  In this authentic and safe space real change can occur.


I would like to self-disclose that I have been through the counselling process myself as I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and PTSD as a young adult. Counselling has helped me overcome many personal challenges and I have learned to accept myself, cope better and manage the symptoms of my disorders in a healthy way. I feel that my experience in both sides of the counselling process gives me a greater understanding of the range of emotional experiences that are possible when starting counselling and the understanding of the courage and grit it takes to continue through the process until you meet your goals.


I truly believe in the life-changing benefits of counselling and I take my role very seriously.  I respect my client's unique backgrounds and stories. As the saying goes, I am comfortable with the good the bad and the ugly and it is all welcome in my office. 


I am present with my clients and am able to contain and manage intense emotional states that often emerge during counselling sessions. You can count on me to be open, upfront, flexible, reliable, curious, creative, caring, knowledgeable, friendly, sometimes funny :), collaborative and consistent throughout our sessions. I care very much about building caring relationships with my clients, as it is within the safety of the relationship that will allow clients to risk being vulnerable and open to the possibility of change, as they progress through the counselling process.


I believe that taking the step to begin counselling is a great act of self-care and that success in counselling can strengthen a client's relationship with themselves and others and give them the resources and capacity to overcome ongoing life challenges.